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The Lakers Bench Went Nuts After A Fan Hit A Halfcourt Shot To Win $75,000

The Los Angeles Lakers are finally starting to feel some optimism about the 2022-23 season as they came into Monday night riding a 5-1 stretch with the Pacers coming to town.

It was an intriguing matchup chiefly for all of the trade chatter involving to two teams, with Russell Westbrook plus picks for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner being brought up numerous times since the start of free agency, but never getting done. Trade talks again swirled on Monday, with there being multiple reports about how the Lakers are approaching the start of trade season on December 15, and how their current stretch of strong play impacts how they’ll proceed.

The good vibes continued through three quarters at Staples Center, as the Lakers took a 9-point lead into the fourth quarter behind another dominant Anthony Davis performance and some solid shooting that wasn’t just reserved for those on the L.A. roster. Between the third and fourth quarters, the Lakers had a fan come out for a halfcourt shot worth $75,000 and, despite an unorthodox shooting form, he drilled it.

The best part is the Lakers bench erupting, with Anthony Davis greeting the fan in the middle of the court for a hug after he hit the Griddy and ran around dapping up those sitting courtside. This is also a reminder that if you’re going to hit a halfcourt shot at an NBA game, there is no better place to do it than a Laker game, because the $75,000 prize is considerably more than most other arenas, where you might get a car or $10,000.