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Marjorie Taylor Greene Doesn’t Understand Why Anyone Would Wear A Mask When Underwear ‘Can’t Protect You From A Fart’

Marjorie Taylor Greene is celebrating Twitter’s more “relaxed” stance towards the spread of Covid misinformation by likening masks to flatulence-susceptible underwear, naturally.

Greene — whose unseasoned Thanksgiving Day turkey recently haunted everyone’s timeline — took to social media to air her thoughts on the CDC’s mask-wearing guidelines. Spikes in COVID-19 transmissions are expected during the holiday season, and it’s recommended that people use caution and don face coverings when inside and around large groups. Which … fair enough. Who wants to get sick before Christmas? But this reasonable excuse to mask up again has gotten Greene all up in her feels — and prompted her to maybe reveal a bit too much about her personal issues.

After remarking on how “so many people” are still wearing masks, Greene posed this question to her Twitter following: “If a pair of underwear, really thick ones, high-quality cotton, can’t protect you from a fart, then how will a mask protect you from covid??”

Philosophical meanderings on flatulence aside, this Tweet has left us with so many questions. What medical-grade underwear is Greene using? Why does it have to be “really thick?” What does she mean when she says “protect you from a fart?” Is it launching grenades? Being expelled from the anus with knives out? She’s likening passing gas to spreading germs, does she believe farts are just her butthole’s way of breathing? Has she visited a doctor to figure out why her vapors are so noxious even “high-quality cotton” can’t contain them?

We don’t often dispense medical advice but Marjorie, girl, you might need to see someone about that.