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Mike Brown Coaching Up Terence Davis And It Immediately Paying Off Is Fantastic To Watch

The Sacramento Kings have been one of the most fun teams in the NBA this season, as their high-octane offense has made them a League Pass darling for fans around the league.

That their offense is among the league’s best is not a huge surprise considering how they’re constructed, with a dominant post presence in Domantas Sabonis (who is also capable of stretching the floor), arguably the fastest point guard in the league pushing the pace in De’Aaron Fox, and a number of shooters around them, headlined by Kevin Huerter who is off to an absolute heater in the first 19 games of the season.

The other end of the floor was and still is the question mark for the Kings, and is among the biggest reasons they hired Mike Brown to be their head coach after his tenure as the Warriors’ defensive coordinator of sorts under Steve Kerr. Brown has lots of work to do to get the Kings where he wants them on that end, but you can see how energized he is coaching the young Kings on the sidelines. In Monday night’s close loss to the Suns, Brown gave an incredible example of what that coaching process looks like when he pulled Terence Davis aside during a timeout and gave him a tutorial on where he was supposed to be on defense, staying on top of the restricted area, and then had it immediately pay off in the form of a charge.

Davis running over to Brown after taking the charge on the exact play they were going over is truly fantastic stuff, and you can see how excited Brown is to see that quick lesson get a positive result so quickly. There’s still plenty of coaching and teaching to do for Brown, as the Kings have struggled to get stops consistently all season, but it’s not hard to see why there’s so much optimism that Brown is the right man for the job in Sacramento.