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Ryan Reynolds And ‘Miss Minutes’ Are Interacting On Twitter, And Marvel Fans Are Getting Carried Away With The Possibilities

Disney+’s Loki gave us more twists and turns and (somehow pleasant) exposition from Owen Wilson than one could have ever imagined. Granted, the show was intended as a fan favorite, given Tom Hiddleston’s enduring charisma as the God of Mischief, but the series delivered more than required to achieve that goal. We got Alligator Loki for crying out loud, and of course, we got the sassy Miss Minutes, who’s the mascot of the Time Variant Authority.

Miss Minutes scared the crap of too many people, but they loved it, and sadly, her role was seemingly cut short, given that the creative team planned more MM than the finale apparently had room to deliver. As well, Ryan Reynolds recently revealed that we were robbed of the Merc with a Mouth in a Christmas movie, so perhaps we’ll see some righted wrongs in Deadpool 3 now that the the katana-wielding sarcasm machine has ported over to the MCU?

Well as y’all know, Twitter’s like the Wild Wild West these days, and two crazy kids can’t resist stirring up intrigue. Those kids would be Reynolds and an account purporting to be authored by Miss Minutes. The mystery author of said account decided to send a wave to “Deadpool.”

She had Reynolds’ attention, and he replied, “Hello, Miss Minutes.”

What does this mean? Possibly (probably?) nothing, really. We’re talking about an unverified account, but also, verification means nothing on Twitter anymore. None of this is deterring Marvel fans of distracting themselves from the real game (wishing for a Hot Colossus solo picture), so they’re wishing for a Deadpool/Wolverine/Loki crossover film. There’s a whole lot of repeating with these GIFs, so I’ll simply include a few of them.

Deadpool 3 will go chimichangas out for a 2024 release.