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Summer Walker Is Teasing A New EP With ‘The Soul Music That I Love’ After Her Grammy Snub

Girls may need love, according to singer Summer Walker, but she is no longer seeking it out from award shows. After her sophomore album, Still Over It, was notably missing from the Grammy nominations list, the songwriter has pledged to create the music she wants, not what trends.

When Walker learned that she was out of the running for the second time, she was stunned. The “Come Thru” singer responded to the perceived snub in a series of tweets, as she wrote, “and as for the Grammys for a 2nd time, the math is literally not mathing.”

Despite numerous achievements, including debuting No. 1 on the charts and breaking sales numbers in the R&B genre, the album has not earned Walker any esteemed awards. Now that a few weeks of passed, Walker has pleaded to remain true to R&B’s soul roots instead of changing her sound to please award shows.

In Instagram Story post, Walker wrote, “Now that I know these award shows gone play me regardless ima go back to making the soul music that I love. EP coming soon.”

Fans showed their support of the singer’s decision on Twitter.

Summer Walker hasn’t released any further details about the project. But, we look forward to seeing what art is birthed from this revelation.