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Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Trolled For Claiming That ‘Of Course’ She Denounces Nick Fuentes Just Months After Speaking At His White Nationalist Conference

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, given all the trouble she’s caused, that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been in Congress for less than two years! But if we’ve learned anything about the newly christened Fart Queen in that time, it’s that she seems to live in her own sort of reality — one in which Ivermectin won the Nobel Peace Prize and truthfulness might be considered a character flaw. She also seems wholly unaware that the internet never forgets, which is part of the reason why she’s currently being brutally trolled after insisting that “of course” she denounces noted Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes… when, earlier this year, she was the “surprise guest” at his America First Political Action Conference in Orlando, which is essentially a white nationalist prom.

As Mediaite reports, MTG’s bit of performative outrage came in response to a tweet from PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López, who claimed that there is no public evidence of Greene denouncing Fuentes or his beliefs. What the kooky Georgia congresswoman didn’t seem to count on was just how many people might remember her cozying up to Fuentes and posing for the cameras back in February:

Fart Queen Marjorie Taylor Greene has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

(Via Mediaite)