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SZA Teased Fans With What Looks Like The Cover Of Her New Album, ‘S.O.S.’

It looks like the long-awaited release of SZA’s hotly-anticipated sophomore album, S.O.S., is nearer than ever, despite the TDE singer still not announcing an official release date. Today, she teased her long-suffering fans with what appears to be a glimpse of the album’s cover art, which features SZA sitting on a ludicrously lengthy diving board overlooking a massive body of water in her signature uniform of a hockey jersey and construction boots.

The contextless post was met with both jubilation and exasperation by those fans, who’ve been waiting for a follow-up to SZA’s debut album, CTRL, for well over four years. While some asserted that they “never doubted” the New Jersey-born singer, others merely dropped their favorite memes in relief that it finally looks like she’s following through on her claim the album would drop sometime in December after bailing on similar promises before.

However, this time her promise coincided with the announcement that she’d be performing on Saturday Night Live (this Saturday, in fact, which means the album could very well fall out of the sky on Friday). She also finally released the video for the single “Shirt” and teased another video in a clip called “P.S.A.,” so it definitely looks very much like the rollout has begun in earnest.