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Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Can ‘Die Happy’ After Jennifer Lawrence Complimented Her, Um, ‘Amazing’ Cleavage

Martin Scorsese‘s daughter, Francesca, was cut from Bones and All (one of the best movies of 2022), but she’s doing just fine. The We Are Who We Are actress recently turned 23 years old, and one of her birthday presents came in the form of a flattering compliment from Jennifer Lawrence. “Very late birthday post!!! Thank you to everyone who made me and @martinscorsese’s birthdays so special,” she wrote on Instagram, adding, “JLaw said my tits looked amazing so I can die happy now.”

A few things here:

1. Imagine your dad is Martin Scorsese.

2. Imagine your dad is Martin Scorsese, and you share a birthday party with him.

3. That was nice of Jennifer Lawrence.

Francesca turned 23 just one day before her famous father turned 80, so they celebrated together amid a sea of celebs at Cipriani South Street in Manhattan, including The Wolf of Wall Street stars Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio… Her album also included moments she shared with her friends, such as The Offer heartthrob Sebastiano Pigazzi and Euphoria actress Kathrine Narducci.

If you’re not following Francesca on social media, you really should. Otherwise, you’re missing gems like this.

Marty is also worth a follow on Instagram. I mean…

I want Jennifer Lawrence to compliment me for my birthday. But I’ll settle for that hat.

(Via the Daily Mail)