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Jeremy Allen White Detailed How He Got His Facial Scar, And It’s A Frightening Story That Could Have Come Straight From ‘Shameless’

There are some celebrities that have made their facial scars a part of their image: Jason Momoa’s eyebrow scar is one of the most noticeable things about him (especially after he shaved his head), and Tina Fey had a traumatic incident as a child that left her with a permanent mark. While it often comes with some sort of terrifying story, it’s always a good reminder that celebrities are humans too! Sometimes a famous person gets hit with a golf club as a teenager and has to talk about it for the rest of their life!

The Bear star Jeremy Allen White also has a noticeable mark below his right eye that was the result of a dark night in his early twenties. At a particularly low point, White went to his local bar after a bad breakup and proceeded to take a long look at himself in the bathroom mirror. “I definitely wanted something to happen,” White explained to GQ.

He then punched the mirror and shattered glass everywhere, which caused a piece of glass to cut his cheek. “The face, like, bleeds a lot,” He added. He then left the $250 in cash he had on the table and bolted with blood gushing from his face. It definitely could have been worse, but it was enough to leave a scar.

He did return to the same bar in order to do the aforementioned GQ interview, so we can assume that they replaced the mirror and there is hopefully no bad blood there. Though the bartender said he had “heard the story” years prior. In order to make it up to the establishment, he should probably pay them back with some chicken piccata. It’s only fair.

(Via GQ)