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Patrick Mahomes Got Inside Info From Chiefs OC Matt Nagy So He Could Nail His Pre-Draft Meeting With Andy Reid

Patrick Mahomes is on track to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. His resume up to this point in his career is basically unimpeachable despite the fact that he wasn’t viewed as a potential franchise-changing prospect coming out of college. While Mahomes put up big numbers during his time at Texas Tech, he came into the league with a lot of the concerns that signal callers face whenever they come from a pass-happy offense.

Of course, Mahomes has made some of those concerns look a bit silly. After spending a year sitting behind Alex Smith, Mahomes took the starting job in Kansas City and has never looked back. But in a recent appearance on the New Heights podcast, which is co-hosted by Jason and Travis Kelce, Mahomes revealed how he got some inside information in the lead-up to the 2017 NFL Draft that made it easy for him to impress Andy Reid.

“Matt Nagy, who was the offensive coordinator then, he really liked me,” Mahomes said. “So, he gave me the plays they were gonna go over the night before. So, coach Reid’s finding out, here, live on the New Heights podcast.

“Of course, I crushed the meeting,” Mahomes continued. “I stayed up all night studying those plays.”

Mahomes went on to say that he leaked to the Chiefs that he had insight that other teams wanted to select him in the Draft, and that if they wanted him, they’d need to pounce.