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BTS’ RM Took Over NPR’s Tiny Desk To Perform A Trio Of Solo Favorites

Indigo season is officially here.

As Friday midnight ET marked the official beginning of a new era for RM, promotions for the new BTS solo project are already underway. Releasing early this morning at 5 a.m. ET, the BTS leader returns to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series remotely and performs “Seoul” (from his last project Mono), “Yun” and “Still Life” off his first studio album Indigo.

In an 18-minute concert, the South Korean artist dives into the story behind his art-inspired album as well as his three chosen songs for the setlist. Starting with “Seoul,” the Mono track pays homage to the city where he claims his second home, the place where he spent most of his time working on his music career. Segueing into an introduction to Indigo, RM reveals the album is based off of his 20s and how art has inspired him to curate his album like an exhibit.

He says “Yun” was based off of a South Korean painter he highly-respects, Yun Hyong-keun. The song is the first track off the art-inspired album and features R&B/soul songstress Erykah Badu. Following it up with his second track “Still Life,” RM explained how the song was inspired by his trip to a museum and coming across a painting of the same name.

“When I see ‘Still Life,’ like the canvas,” RM begins to explain. “My life is like a canvas. I’m exhibiting my life to the whole world, everywhere.”

Check out the performance above.