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No, Drew Brees Did Not Get Hit By Lightning, It Was An Ad

Drew Brees‘ lengthy NFL career came to an end back in March of 2021. While he tried to move into the world of broadcasting, Brees left NBC Sports after a year in an effort to pursue other opportunities. On Friday, we learned that one of those opportunities was an ad campaign with a sportsbook that involved him pretending to get hit by lightning.

This video started to makes its way around Twitter on Friday morning, and appeared to show Brees on the set of a commercial. While he was getting mic’d up, there was a big bolt of lightning, and the implication is that it hit Brees and caused him to have a very bad time.

It doesn’t look real, but hey, crazier things have happened. People started to wonder if Brees was, you know, dead, but Katherine Terrell of ESPN texted Brees in an effort to figure out what was going on. Surprise: It was an ad.

For further proof that this is not real, here is a video that PointsBet posted shortly after the original video started going viral. It involves Brees sitting in an ambulance in a PointsBet jersey. Brees claims he is in Venezuela in “the most active hotspot for lightning strikes in the world,” which leads to the ad read about free lightning bets this weekend.

So, there you go, Drew Brees is alive.