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Cash Cobain, Chow Lee, And Bizzy Banks Rep The NYC Drill Scene In Their ‘Just Blick It’ Remix Video

Closing out the year with a bang, sample-drill rapper Cash Cobain has shared the video for the remix of his single, “Just Blick It,” featuring Chow Lee and Bizzy Banks. In the video, the rappers are seen hopping and dancing to the fast-paced track.

Over the course of the track, the three rappers ride the track with ease, never missing a beat.

“Did a perky / I don’t like xans / Told her, ‘slurp me, with no hands,’ / She said she won’t dance / blick it, blick it, blick it / Just blick it,” Cobain raps over a drill beat on the song’s chorus.

Those are perhaps the cleanest lyrics of the song, as there are many clever allusions to oral sex throughout.

Cobain has been dubbed the “sample god” in New York City drill scene, as many of the drill beats he raps over contain prominent samples of ’90s and 2000s hip-hop and R&B tracks. In a recent interview with Hype Off Life, Cobain revealed he is wanting to incorporate more of his own voice into the beats he produces.

“I’ve recently been looking at vocals as an instrument. Lol. The way the flows goes into the beat, the pockets that vocals go into are like completing the beat,” he said.

Check out the video for the “Just Blick It” remix above.