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Kevin Durant Called Charles Barkley A ‘Clown’ After Barkley Said He’s ‘Insecure’ On A Podcast

Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley do not like one another all that much. Barkley has made clear on numerous occasions that he believes Durant is both “miserable” and in need of a championship away from the Golden State Warriors, while Durant has unsurprisingly never taken too kindly to any of that.

Barkley’s latest swipe at Durant came on Taylor Rooks’ podcast, where Barkley said that there are times when Durant can be “insecure.”

“I actually like Kevin,” Barkley said. “I think that he’s a great player, I think he’s actually a good dude. I think he’s insecure at times. He gets mad when the old guys like myself say, you gotta win a championship away from the Golden State Warriors. And I know he got offended by that, but that’s not my job to worry about people’s feelings.”

Rooks pushed back on Barkley a bit, asking what conversations he’s had with Durant to label him as insecure, to which Barkley said, “You don’t have to react to every fool. When I talk about insecurities, like, yo man, everybody’s opinion don’t matter. You don’t need burner phones, you’re Kevin Durant, you can say whatever the hell you want to. But you don’t have to react to every single thing.”

The video eventually got onto Durant’s radar, which led to the Brooklyn Nets star calling Barkley a “clown” and saying that the pair have “never had a real human interaction.”

Our hunch is that this is not the last time that Durant and Barkley will have some sort of back-and-forth with one another.