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The GOP Tries And Fails To Contain Herschel Walker Before The Georgia Runoff In The Latest ‘SNL’ Cold Open

As of this writing, the Georgia runoff is a few days away, with residents ready to determine who will claim one of the state’s Senate seats: Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock or Republican challenger Herschel Walker. It’s a mighty close race, which is worrying: Walker is, to put it lightly, a questionable choice, prone to some of the strangest gaffes in political history. GOP brass are clearly worried, and their anxiety fueled SNL’s latest Cold Open.

Kenan Thompson returned as the malapropism-friendly footballer-turned-MAGA candidate, joining a meeting with a trio of Republican higher-ups. Among them was James Austin Johnson’s Mitch McConnell, whom Thompson’s Walker calls “Mitch McDonalds.” It’s all downhill from there, with Walker blurting out one brain fart after another, including calling Planned Parenthood “Planned Parent Trap” as well as a reprise of arguably his funniest slip-of-the-tongue: the instant classic “This erection is for the people.”

Eventually Cecily Strong’s Marsha Blackburn advises he “lay low and focus on the message,” to which Walker responded, “Exactly. Just like Kanye.”

“No. No. The issues people care about — inflation, crime,” Blackburn replied.

Thompson’s Walker again drew from real life, adding: “Vampires, werewolves. They’re scared of the Geico gecko. We’re going to be looking at all of that.”

You can watch the sketch in the video above.