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Kanye West’s Clown Car Presidential Campaign Has Lost One Of Its Biggest Clowns

Kanye West has often aspired to be like Jesus, but he’s not doing such a hot job. Not only has the rapper-turned-presidential candidate has rebranded as an anti-Semite, but his apostles so far leave a lot to be desired. At least he’s lost one of them: As per The Daily Beast, Milo Yiannopoulos has either been fired from Ye’s semi-formal presidential campaign or (his claim) left amicably.

A once-mighty far right scourge who was effectively ousted from the GOP after defending pedophilia, Yiannopoulos recently joined Ye’s campaign as its manager. During his brief tenure, he was present for some real lows in Ye’s career/life. He was there for the infamous Thanksgiving dinner with Donald Trump, which he later claimed was a ruse — an attempt to punk the former president.

He was missing from Ye’s also infamous interview with Alex Jones, in which the bankrupted conspiracy theorist came off looking like the saner of the two (while not being sane at all, of course). Perhaps and Ye were already on the outs. But Yiannopoulos claimed he wasn’t canned.

“Ye and I have come to the mutual conclusion that I should step away from his political team,” Yiannopoulos told The Daily Beast. “I will continue to pray for Ye and all his endeavors.”

So ends yet another of Yiannopoulos’ failed attempts to worm his way back into the party that ejected him. Over the summer, he briefly interned for Marjorie Taylor Greene. Perhaps there will be no second act for a former Republican star, whose attempt to become a bestselling author ended miserably as well.

As for Kanye, well, at least he still has the Holocaust-denying white supremacist who gets into food fights in In-N-Outs.

(Via The Daily Beast)