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ASAP Rocky’s Dystopic Video For ‘Sh*ttin Me’ Recalls His Viral Rolling Loud Meme

ASAP Rocky could have dropped “Sh*ttin Me” around the 2018 edition of Tyler, The Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw, or any year between then and now, like fans wanted. Be glad he didn’t rush it. The much-hyped track belongs on the Need For Speed Unbound video game soundtrack, but the official video asserts that the song is distinctly Rocky’s — cleverly closing the loop if you look closely enough.

Rocky was back on the festival circuit this summer, performing a very short headlining set at Rolling Loud in New York City on September 24 during which he clumsily flailed in a mosh pit. Tyler, The Creator memed the moment on his Instagram and a birthday cake. Rocky didn’t appreciate the trolling at first, but he’s reclaiming the narrative.

The Grin Machine-directed “Sh*ttin Me” video recreates the failed Rolling Loud mosh pit as Rocky melodically raps to end the first verse, “Mosh it out, I need a new towel / Jump in the crowd, hold me / I fight in the crowd, that’s two hunnid thou’ / The world is mine now.” He spits the chorus — “Sh*ttin’ me? Gotta be kiddin’ me” — while trapped on the ground by all the fans jamming their brightly lit phones in his face to record a moment he’d rather forget.

The Grin Machine-directed video also nods toward Weekend At Bernie’s and Wolf Of Wall Street. The music becomes muted, and Rocky is contorted on the ground alone in an empty room, but he still can’t get up. His friends appear and check his pulse, and his lifeless body is carried throughout the streets. People are still taking every opportunity to record it all. By the end, he’s been replaced by a printed-out 3D ASAP Rocky, and the clamoring crowds don’t even notice the difference.

Watch all the bold statements unfold in “Sh*ttin Me” above.