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Elliot Page Has Explained Why The Time Was Right To Write A Memoir About His Story

On the 15th anniversary of the release of Juno, Elliot Page revealed the cover of his memoir, Pageboy. “Writing a book has come up a few times over the years, but it never felt right and quite frankly, it didn’t feel possible. I could barely sit still, let alone focus long enough to complete such a task. At last, I can be with myself, in this body. So, I’ve written a book about my story,” the Oscar-nominated actor wrote on Instagram.

Pageboy features a photo of the author on the cover, which once would have “felt unbearable” for Page, but “making this cover with acclaimed photographer Catherine Opie was a joyful experience that I will never forget,” he wrote.

The Umbrella Academy star also acknowledged the “increasing attacks” against trans people, “from physical violence to the banning of healthcare, and our humanity is regularly “debated” in the media. The act of writing, reading, and sharing the multitude of our experiences is an important step in standing up to those who wish to silence and harm us.” Books helped Page in his transition, and he hopes Pageboy “can help someone feel less alone, feel seen, no matter who they are or what path they are on.”

Pageboy comes out on June 6th. You can pre-order a copy here.