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Grimes Reached Out To Elon Musk With An Idea For How He Could Improve Twitter

Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter in October, he’s been implementing and promising a plethora of changes to the platform. Now, Grimes, with whom Musk has two children, has come through with a Twitter suggestion of her own.

Late last night/early this morning, Musk shared an illustration depicting a version of Noah’s Ark but with a spaceship instead of a boat, writing, “Starship takes beings of Earth to Mars.” Somebody else responded with a similar-looking image, an AI-generated piece depicting animals leaving the ship after it has landed on the red planet.

Grimes replied to that with a tweet tagging Musk (as well as the creator of the AI piece and another artist), writing, “@elonmusk would love to see some sick art on twitter like @destinykrainbow or @ClaireSilver12 — any time yall use these kinds images (see purple hand) u could replace with theirs (+ builds human ai relations lol).” She also tagged other artists in a follow-up tweet and added in another tweet, “or simply randomly showcase tweets of art from new (and ye olden creators) that cycle (but new is cooler for creators mayhaps).”

The “purple hand” Grimes referenced is an image that shows up on the “Message requests” page of Twitter when a user has no requests, along with the message, “Your message requests are empty.” Grimes shared the image and wrote, “Something deranged going on with this twitter art.”

Meanwhile, Grimes recently floated a theory about how social media has made it harder to read fiction.