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People Have Thoughts About Who Should Be In The Next ‘The White Lotus’

Season two of The White Lotus comes to a chaotic close next week, which means that while we will no longer get to see Aubrey Plaza’s perfectly timed facial expressions, we will be one step closer to another rollercoaster season featuring miserable vacationers and their beautifully picturesque hotel!

The hit anthology series was renewed for a third season earlier this year, so there is even more madness to come. Details about season three have been sparse, but we do know that it will take place in another one of the iconic White Lotus hotels, probably on some luxurious island or remote cabin somewhere that just conveniently doesn’t have any cell service.

Season one took place in Hawaii, while season two took a new crew to Sicily. Of course, the one constant (besides the titular hotel) is Jennifer Coolidge, who will hopefully be on board for season three. Maybe it will take place in a colder climate this time?

Since we don’t have any details for the next season, Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to cast their own third season with various ensembles from previous shows. Honestly, most of these would make for some great television. How do you think the Roy family would handle that kind of situation? What kind of drama would Julie Cooper cook up? And who will be the next cast member to have so much gratuitous nudity? There is so much to be explored here! Here are some potentially great options for season three:

The White Lotus airs on Sundays on HBO.