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People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About Week’s Wild Episode Of White Lotus

(Spoilers for The White Lotus will be found below.)

Someone (or someones) is gonna die next week on The White Lotus. Our own Brian Grubb has made his predictions, and there’s no telling who will die. Or who will be the murderer. Tanya’s possible death was a subject of much theororizing heading into this penultimate episode, and Ethan might be losing his mind with jealousy (and his paranoid imagination) over Cameron and Harper. There’s also the possibility that Albie decides to defend Lucia to her pimp and doesn’t walk out of the altercation alive. Valentina could feel spurned next week if her birthday present turns out to be “for charge,” and yes, lots of possibilities exist, including implications of that photo viewed by Tanya.

Heck, the angry Sicilian family members could descend upon The White Lotus resort and kill off the three-generation trio. Admittedly, that’s a super far-fetched suggestion, but let’s talk about how much people enjoyed this week’s episode. Tanya’s moment of staring at a certain photo could provide clues for how the season ends, but people are also loving/hating her cocaine moments.

A certain “deep hole” quote also raised eyebrows.

Also, Ethan is seething, maybe even going crazy. People are concerned and noticing the call-out of a double standard.

Fears for Albie also abound regarding Lucia’s motivations.

And what… is this?

The White Lotus airs on Sunday nights on HBO.