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‘The White Lotus’ Fans Are Very Worried About One Character’s State Of Mind Going Into The Finale

(Spoilers for The White Lotus will be found below.)

Murder is coming on The White Lotus. That’s part of the formula, which was confirmed after an early-on body bag in Season 1 and the death of Armond. In the opening moments of Season 2, we saw Daphne freak out over this season’s dead body (although there may be more than one), which floated right past her as she enjoyed some final vacation serenity. Who died, though, and who is the murderer?

Many possibilities exist in this tightly woven, satiric tapestry from Mike White. Sad socialite Tanya, for example, could be the subject of a plot to take her out, and that’s made people very tense. As well, the show’s angry pimp could take out Albie or Cameron or Lucia or maybe the whole hotel. Anything is possible! Don’t rule out Daphne as a possible suspect, either. Girlfriend is very good at faking contentment, and god only knows whether she’s finally had enough of Cameron’s cheating sh*t and has kept that hidden behind a saccharine smile. Daphne could want to run off with her trainer and live happily ever after.

From there, though, a very likely source of fatal animosity has surfaced. That would be coming from Ethan, who has already been dealing with tension in his marriage to Harper. Upon arrival in Sicily, he’s been further put into a pretty awful situation by his old friend, Cameron. Harper suspected him of cheating after finding a condom wrapper, and this week, she saw him talking to the two sex workers in question. Of course, Cameron is the cheater, and he slept with Lucia, but Cameron’s also been hitting on Harper over the course of this vacation. She has been encouraging the vibe (that leg rub) and might be motivated to egg Cameron on (or even sleep with him) for revenge.

Let’s just say that Ethan is pretty pissed off. He wanted to work on things with Harper despite their dead-ish bedroom, but it sure seems like Harper and Cameron may have hooked up. The locked front door to the hotel room and the open side door do not bode well. We also saw Ethan’s imagining (?) of the situation, and it’s clear that he’s in a very bad state of mind by the end of this week’s penultimate episode.

In fact, Ethan is seething, maybe even going crazy. People are concerned.

Could Ethan actually fly off the handle and take out his old buddy? We should find out next week when this season wraps, and Season 3 will then pick up with a whole new set (unless Tanya is lucky enough to survive again) of miserable vacationers.

HBO’s The White Lotus airs on Sunday nights.