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Wacky Pillow Man Mike Lindell Is Pissed At Tucker Carlson And Fox News For Not Letting Him On The Air To Campaign To Be Head Of The RNC

Mike Lindell, the conspiracy theorist and once-omnipresent pillow infomercial pitchman whose company actually has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, is ready for his next challenge: Being in charge of the Republican party (something Seth Meyers cannot wrap his head around). Which, if we’re being honest, probably doesn’t make him the least qualified person for the job — but his “campaign,” as it were, is already off to a rocky start.

On Monday night, Lindell used FrankSpeech — his own live stream network — to discuss the many reasons why a crack addict-turned-pillow salesman who has spent an estimated $40 million of his own money to push bogus theories about the 2020 presidential election being rigged is the right person to lead the GOP.

Former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski shared a clip of Lindell attempting to sell himself to potential voters on Monday night during “The Lindell Report,” where he promised/threatened to raise 10 times as much money as anyone else could. But it was Lindell’s guest, political strategist Ivan Raiklin, who managed to hit Lindell right where it hurts him most: in the Carlsons.

Raiklin told Lindell that, according to his sources, he was hearing that RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon would be appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show a little later, and that there were rumblings that she, too, had planned to announce that she was planning to challenge McDaniel for the top spot. Which really riled Lindell, who is naturally always at an 11 already:

I wonder if Fox News is gonna let me come on and say that, too, huh? Make it equal, huh?

(Survey says “no,” Mike.)

Lindell also promised that take whatever his salary might be and put it back into the RNC “if it’s legal,” promising that it won’t take “years and years” to fix all that is wrong with the RNC. “It’s going to get fixed right away.”

Lindell also made it clear that he’d love to debate, well, anyone — at any time. Before adding that “Everyone who I’ve called is voting for me. When they say you have to have like two states or something, I believe I already have like six. Five for sure, six maybe.”

Yes, because it’s impossible to believe that anyone would ever tell Mike Lindell whatever he wanted to hear just to get him off the phone.