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The Fox Dumping Of Trump Continues As Host Stuart Varney Takes The Disgraced Ex-President To The Woodshed Over His Call To Terminate The Constitution

Fox News is once again hammering Donald Trump for causing severe damage to the Republican Party. After turning on the former president for his negative effect on the midterm elections, which did not manifest in “red wave,” Fox Business host Stuart Varney tore into Trump for his recent remarks on terminating the Constitution.

After highlighting that the majority of candidates backed by Trump lost in the midterms, Varney proceeded to hammer Trump for his lame attempt to walk back his remarks about suspending the Constitution and election laws to name him the winner of the 2022 presidential election.

“That plays right into the Democrats’ hands,” Varney said. “He’s trying to walk it back today, but the damage has been done.”

Varney then turned his attention to Trump’s diminishing stature in the GOP despite his best efforts to play kingmaker. Via Mediaite:

The Fox Business host accused Trump of losing his “iron grip” on the Republican Party and predicted the former president would spin [Herschel] Walker’s victory or defeat to his favor.

“If Walker wins, Trump will take all of the credit, guaranteed,” Varney said. “If Walker loses, Trump will blame Walker for not inviting Trump into the state.”

Even before Trump’s highly controversial comments on the Constitution, Varney has not been impressed with the former president particularly after the disastrous midterm election results. In fact, he told Lara Trump to her face that her father-in-law’s not doing so great after his low energy 2024 announcement.

“Those of us on the outside looking at it, it didn’t seem that he got the old magic,” Varney said.

(Via Mediaite)