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Eric Trump Is Swearing That His Family Doesn’t Dislike Kimberly Guilfoyle Amid A Few Fiascos That Suggest Otherwise

Eric Trump is swatting down rumors that his family are not big fans of Don Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle. The former Fox News host has been a prominent fixture since she began her relationship with Junior and often speaks at campaign events for his father (for a hefty fee). However, Guilfoyle was seemingly snubbed following Tiffany Trump’s wedding in November. Despite posing for a photo with the bride and bridesmaid, Guilfoyle was noticeably cropped out of the picture when Ivanka Trump shared it on Instagram.

The photo fiasco may not be a simple mistake. However, Eric insists that there’s no bad blood and his family does not think Guilfoyle is “trying too hard” to fit in. “I completely disagree with the narrative and happen to think the world of Kimberly,” Eric told Page Six.

The attendance at Don Jr. and Guilfoyle’s recent party paints a slightly different picture. The two held a charity event for Toys for Tots that was DJ’d by noted Trump supporter Kid Rock. While the president (very briefly) attended, Jared and Ivanka were absent. Although, they seem to have a valid excuse. Via Page Six:

While Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner did not attend, a source tells us: “They were invited to go, it was [Jewish sabbath] Shabbos. They have a good relationship. It’s just the rumor mill.”

Former President Donald Trump, we hear, came to the fundraiser for half an hour, but left before a “holiday boat parade.” Eric Trump and his wife, Lara, were also in attendance. Eric had only kind words for Guilfoyle, telling us, “I am best friends with Don and had an absolute blast at the party.”

If anything, we’ve firmly established that Eric doesn’t have a problem with Kimberly Guilfoyle. Everyone else is debatable including the former president who already had one blow-up over Guilfoyle campaigning for a Senate candidate he didn’t endorse. Plus he wanted to date her first and reportedly banned her from Mar-a-Lago when she first hooked up with Don Jr. No messed up family dynamics there!

(Via Page Six)