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Will Ferrell Played Cowbell For His Son’s Band And All Fevers Were Instantly Cured

It’s impossible to listen to Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” and not picture Will Ferrell furiously banging away at the cowbell. The classic Saturday Night Live sketch is a testament to Ferrell’s comedic genius; how he can take a concept so simple and turn it into an ubiquitous bit of comedy. For Will Ferrell’s son, Magnus, who was playing a benefit concert for a charity event benefitting the Cancer For College nonprofit, it felt like a great time to bring out his pops to reprise his iconic cowbell-smacking role on stage.

But this was a far cry from Christopher Walken’s Bruce Dickinson proclaiming that he had a fever “and the only prescription… is more cowbell!” In a video posted by Rolling Stone, towards the end of Magnus Ferrell’s song “Back In Place,” Magnus nodded to stage left, and in sauntered Ferrell, cowbell in hand. Wearing an Isaac Hayes “Hot Buttered Soul” hoodie, Ferrell banged away at the cowbell to the tune of the catchy synth pop song while marching demonstratively throughout the stage. In short, it was pretty damn cool.

Look, when you’re Will Ferrell’s son, you might as well take an opportunity to bring your dad out to spice up your band’s set with one of his iconic characters. Especially when it’s for a good cause. Started by Will Ferrell’s college roommate, Cancer For College says they help “cancer survivors thrive through college and beyond.” Let’s just be glad that Magnus didn’t ask his dad to go streaking through the quad to the gymnasium instead.

Watch the video at Rolling Stone here.