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Ann Coulter Blasted Trump For Unleashing Herschel Walker On America And In The Process Costing Republicans A Senate Seat

One-time Trump supporter Ann Coulter is now dragging the twice-impeached president, blaming him for the embarrassing loss Republicans suffered in the recent Georgia runoff.

Coulter, who initially backed Trump’s run for office in 2016, has spent the last few years skewering the GOP’s golden boy for not delivering on his promises, not appealing to the white working class, and distracting from the MAGA message. Now, she’s pinning Herschel Walker’s Senate defeat on Trump too, accusing him of saddling Republicans with a weak candidate and then distracting voters with his voter fraud rants online and on the campaign trail.

“The former president is now responsible for losing three successive Senate seats in the state of Georgia. That’s in addition to losing 40 House seats in the 2018 midterms, losing the presidential election in 2020, and losing seat after seat in this year’s midterms — a year that should have been a Republican sweep,” Coulter wrote in her newsletter. “Instead of crime, the border, and inflation, Trump demanded that GOP candidates fixate on his “stolen” election.”

After pointing out that Trump refused to give any money to Walker’s runoff campaign, hoarding donations Republicans could’ve used in the race to pay for his extensive legal fees, Coulter trashed her former presidential pick by claiming he’s the weak link that is slowly destroying the GOP.

“The fact that Herschel Walker barely lost his Senate runoff in Georgia demonstrates beyond a doubt that any other Republican candidate would’ve won. We have to get to the bottom of who chose Herschel,” Coulter continued. “It’s not as if running for office had been Walker’s lifelong dream. Trump picked him. Why? Because Walker had played for Trump’s United States Football League and was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. That’s how Trump picks candidates.”

Coulter is also pissed about how expensive Walker’s runoff became, suggesting Trump should’ve footed the bill.

“Trying to save Walker turned an election that should have been a cakewalk into the most expensive race in the country — money that Republicans really could have used elsewhere,” she said before noting how Trump-backed candidates in other races lost by a large margin in the recent midterms. “I think the voters were trying to send a message: Please just give us a normal Republican.”

Bold to assume any Republican candidate can be labeled “normal” in this day and age, but the message from Coulter and other fair-weather Trumpers seems to be clear: Trump’s losing streak has turned him from a dark horse candidate to the horse no one wants to back anymore.