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People Are Just Learning Mrs. Claus’ First Name Thanks To, Of All People, Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a years-long inside joke going where they crop each other out of their photos. Here’s Reynolds on the red carpet with the right side of Lively’s face; another time, Lively wished her husband a happy birthday with a photo of Ryan Gosling (the Chris Pine of Ryans?) and the left side of Reynolds’ face.

Earlier this week, the Deadpool actor shared a picture of the happy couple with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, writing, “We met Jessica Claus and her husband on the Polar Express. She was everything I’d always dreamed since I was a kid. She smelled like cinnamon buns and sangria.” In the comments, Lively replied, “My. Shoes.” Reynolds offered a correction in his Stories. “I cropped my wife’s shoes out in the photo I posted. It’s inexcusable and I’m sorry to anyone I’ve hurt with this callous lack of fortitude,” he wrote.

But that’s not what it’s important. The initial caption is.

“We met Jessica Claus and her husband…”

Did you know Mrs. Claus’ first name? I didn’t, and neither did a lot of people, apparently. “I was today years old when I learned that Mrs. Claus is a JESSICA,” reads one comment, as spotted by BuzzFeed, while others thought her first name was Sharon. At least she’s not a Karen. People have been surprised by the Jessica revelation for years:

Mrs. Claus, who made her movie debut in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, was given the name Jessica in the 1970 Rankin/Boss special Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. Apparently, she’s also gone by “Mary, Maya, Matha, Anywyn, Layla, or Goody,” but weirdly, Goody didn’t catch on. Probably because she’s a baddie.

(Via BuzzFeed)