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Samia Shared The Gently Heartbreaking Singles ‘Pink Balloon’ And ‘Sea Lions’

Samia‘s sophomore album Honey is set to arrive next month, offering a follow-up to her crashing debut The Baby. So far she’s unveiled the emotional lead single “Kill Her Freak Out,” which saw the singer-songwriter dive headfirst into her chaotic impulses without filter. Now, she’s back with “Pink Balloon” and “Sea Lions.”

“‘Pink Balloon’ is trying to make amends by looking at it from a bird’s eye after everything got too complicated,” she explained in a statement. “‘Sea Lions’ is not zoomed out – stewing in it, too angry to work it out or let it go, finding old voicemails and trying to decide where it went wrong on a loop until you have to run it off, running until you were never angry in the first place.”

Both songs are delicate but cut with precision like a carefully-wielded blade. She opens “Pink Balloon” with the striking lines, “Your mom keeps threatening suicide on holidays / Your sister’s in LA making dinner with fresh produce.” “Sea Lions” doesn’t fail to grab the listener’s attention either, especially when she sings, “You said when I come on the radio it makes you wanna die / Well if I shut up can I come inside?”

Listen to “Pink Balloon” above and “Sea Lions” below.

Honey arrives 1/27/23 via Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.