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Swifties Think A New Taylor Swift Wax Figure Comes Close But Is Still Firmly In The Uncanny Valley

Celebrity wax figures are hit or miss: Some look like perfect copies of the person, others are barely recognizable as human. Exaggerations aside, Madame Tussauds Dubai recently put a new Taylor Swift figure on display, and for the most part, it looks solid. From a distance, it’s clear to see that the figure depicts Swift during her Folklore/Evermore era. Upon closer inspection, though, something is off, placing the figure in the uncanny valley.

That’s what Swift fans seem to think, anyway, with one Swiftie comparing it to the titular AI doll from the upcoming horror movie M3GAN. (Appropriately enough, a recent M3GAN trailer featured a spooky remix of Swift’s “It’s Nice To Have A Friend.”)

As for what’s not quite right here, some blame the hair, while others think the “lifeless” eyes (“She looks like she’s got cataracts”) are at fault.

Others were more optimistic, though, with one user sharing a gallery of previous Swift figures and describing the latest as a “glow-up” compared to older iterations.

Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds recently unveiled a Lil Nas X wax statue that was so convincing, the rapper successfully used it to prank friends into thinking it was actually him.

Check out some more reactions to the Swift figure below.