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Here’s How The Royal Family Has Reportedly Reacted To Netflix’s ‘Harry & Megan’ Documentary

As you can imagine, the British Royals are not thrilled about the Harry & Megan docuseries coming to Netflix soon. This was to be expected, given that the Palace pushed back against Season 5 of The Crown because it (fictionally) presented Prince-Now-King Charles in an even more negative light than Season 4 did. Yet this new docuseries seems to have struck a personal nerve with Prince William and Duchess Kate, perhaps since (as Meghan detractor Piers Morgan noted), the trailer happened to arrive while Prince William and Duchess Kate toured the U.S.

As a result, US Weekly now publishes word from an insider who claims, “Kate and William were left flummoxed when the Netflix trailer aired during their trip to Boston.” This person added, “It’s put a huge amount of strain on relationships that are already hanging by a thread.”

There’s more from this source, who declared, “Harry and Meghan wear their heart on their sleeve in the docuseries and blow the lid off the prejudice they experienced at the palace.” And that’s (reportedly) especially upsetting to William, who US Weekly asserts is “very, very angry with his brother,” along with the entire family being “horrified” by what materialized in this trailer.

Future reactions should be interesting to watch.

Harry & Meghan will arrive in two parts: Part One (Eps 1-3) on December 8, and Part Two (Eps 4-6) on December 15.