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Trump Is Reportedly ‘Stewing’ Over Republicans Finally Bailing On Him After Herschel Walker’s Loss

Donald Trump’s been dealt a lot of bad cards lately, and not without good cause. But Tuesday’s one-two punch had to hurt. A grand jury found two companies part of the Trump Business guilty on 17 counts of tax fraud and other crimes. Mere hours later, Herschel Walker because the latest Trump-backed candidate to flame out. With the former he had to worry about a financial apocalypse. With the latter, he’s worried that the GOP will finally kick him to the curb.

On Wednesday’s edition CNN’s OutFront, reporter Kristen Holmes reported that Trump is down at Mar-a-Lago just “stewing” about his fate with the party he once dramatically bended to his will:

“The aides, advisers and allies that I’ve talked to are deeply concerned … They had hoped for a Walker win, obviously. But Walker wasn’t just endorsed by Trump. He was heavily recruited by Trump. Trump is the one who actually pushed him forward. And they had hoped that if he won, this would stop these calls for new Republican leadership, particularly after so many of Trump’s picks failed in the midterms. And they also hoped that it would breathe some sort of new life and energy into what has really been a lackluster launch of a 2024 campaign. And now they are fearful that it’s going to do just the opposite because of this loss, that it’s actually going to boost the demand for people to challenge Trump in 2024.”

Holmes then revealed that one person close to Trump has decided to support someone else based on his “losing scorecard.” Indeed, this person told Holmes, “Donald’s got his problems right now, and they are so numerous that I don’t think he can win, and I want to back a winner.” Some have told Holmes that he’s gone from the King Midas of the party to a “killer” with whom no one wants to be associated.

“Now, this is all coming on the heels of what has been a really bad three weeks for the former president,” Holmes explained. “And we’re told it’s not lost on him. He has been at Mar-a-Lago, he is stewing. He is calling allies, he is calling advisers. He is talking about those verdicts in New York.”

Of course, when has Trump ever had to really pay for the consequences of his actions? Even though more and more Fox News hosts are turning on him, many are still lying low, afraid to mention him but also afraid to sever ties lest his fortunes miraculously improve. In other words, don’t write him off just yet, even if the hits keep coming.

You can watch Holmes’ segment in the video below.

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