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Cardi B Reached Season Five Of ‘The Crown’ And Had More Wild Thoughts: ‘Camila Treat Charles Like Sh*t’

A couple weeks ago, Cardi B asked her fans if anyone was watching Netflix’s drama series, The Crown, which details the history of the British royal family. Now, it seems the Bronx rap star has reached season five of the show — the most recent version. The show reaches the ’90s and details the triangle between Prince Charles, Princess Diana (and their separation), and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Just like before, Cardi has a LOT of thoughts about the way these royals handle their romantic relationships.

“Why would Charles want Diana to hang out with Camila? THE NERVE the f*ck !” she wrote, misspelling her name. “Camila think she slick sending congrats notes to Diana ….I wish a b*tch would.”

“One thing I notice is that Camila treat Charles like sh*t ….Sooo ladies if you want a man to chase you act like THE CHASE don’t do the CHASING!” Cardi added.

Cardi chalked the show up to one key statement point back in November, as all the royals have guy issues in each decade. “Watching The Crown just shows you that you can be the queen of England or you can be the girl next door, we all got the same problems with men…stay safe,” she posted.

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