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Chiquis Honors The 10th Anniversary Of Her Mom Jenni Rivera’s Passing With The Tribute Video ‘Paloma Blanca’

Today (December 9) marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of Jenni Rivera, the best-selling banda artist of all time. In honor of her mother, Chiquis released the music video for her song “Paloma Blanca.” The rising Mexican-American star talked with Uproxx about her mother’s legacy and receiving her very first Grammy nomination.

During her lifetime, Rivera became a force in regional Mexican music. She specifically reigned in the male-dominated banda music genre, earning the title La Diva De La Banda. In her hit songs like “De Contrabando” and “Chuper Amigos,” Rivera sang about sex, partying hard, and female empowerment. On December 9, 2012, the world lost Rivera when she was killed in a plane crash.

“More than anything I want people to remember the woman behind the artist,” Chiquis told Uproxx. “To remember her for the woman that she was, for all the philanthropy work she did, and the stuff that she would never even talk about. How she always said, ‘God has blessed me and I have to bless other people with the blessings God has given me.’ I hope people can learn from that, and learn from what she did, being a single mother, and she went after her dreams and made it happen.”

Chiquis worked closely with her mother as an assistant during her career. Following Rivera’s passing, Chiquis followed in her mom’s footsteps with her debut single “Paloma Blanca,” which was released in 2014. To honor her mother today, she released a new version of the heartfelt tribute song. This time, Chiquis is joined by more women with the addition of Las Mariachi Divas. The night before her passing, Rivera dedicated the song “Paloma Negra” to her daughter during a concert, so this is Chiquis’ way of honoring her.

“[The song] is part of my story and I’m ok with that,” Chiquis said. “I have peace with how my life played out. I hope that this song also helps people that have lost a loved one and it helps them heal because it definitely helped me heal in so many ways.”

Like her mom, Chiquis has since become a powerful female voice in regional Mexican music and banda music. Last month, she won her second Latin Grammy Award for her album Abeja Reina. That same week, Chiquis found out she was nominated at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Her LP, which features a cover of Rivera’s “De Contrabando,” is up for Best Regional Mexican Music Album (Including Tejano).

“I’m so inspired more than ever,” Chiquis said. “These Latin Grammys and when the American Grammy nomination hit, it just inspired me, even more, to say, ‘How can I level up? How can I better myself? What can I do differently?’ I have so many ideas for the next album. I just want to get better and better. I’m excited! I’m honored and I can’t wait for [the Grammy Awards] in February.”