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Wacky Mike Lindell Says He’s Setting His Sights On Trump Nemesis Ron DeSantis Due To ‘Anomalies’ He’s Seen In The 2022 Florida Governor’s Race

If (when?) Donald Trump ever gets carted off to prison as a result of any one of the many investigations he’s currently under, Mike Lindell is going to have to go back to hawking his sh*tty pillows full-time. Because in his desperate desire to stay “in” with “the president,” he hasn’t stopped to take the temperature of the room. If he did, he might have noticed that Ron DeSantis, a.k.a. Ron DeSanctimonious, is the GOP’s current golden boy. And he probably wouldn’t suggest that there were “anomalies” in Florida’s recent gubernatorial election.

On Tuesday, Lindell — on his own Lindell TV, of course, because what network would want to risk a billion-dollar lawsuit by letting him on the air — the Pillow Man announced that “I am going after Dade County in the 2022 election.”

You’ll want to watch the video for yourself, because Mike and his sidekick Brandon have worked out a sort of “Who’s On First?” routine, but made it about “Florida” and “Hispanics.” But Lindell, who’s got all that cyber and stuff, ya know, thinks it’s kind of suspicious that DeSantis — who won a whopping 59.4 percent of the vote in the Sunshine State — won Miami-Dade County, too.

“For me, I look at deviations everybody,” Lindell said to the half-dozen or so people possibly watching. Or likely wondering why the guy who thought those slippers were a good idea is talking politics at all.

But Lindell explained, with a sly little knock at Democrats along the way:

That’s a deviation! I don’t believe it. So I just want to show everybody… just like how we always tell you about Democrats, where they stole their elections. Just like they did that nice lady in Georgia that got zero votes in her own precinct.

I want to find out, in Dade County, what happened there? Because it’s a deviation from norm, you know. So it’s very much a deviation.

Yes, a deviation. Or what some of us here on planet Earth call a “flip.” But that’s certainly one way to make Donald proud.