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Matt Gaetz Has Accused The Democrats Of Trying To ‘Steal Christmas’ By Passing The Bipartisan Omnibus Spending Bill

Despite his face looking exactly like The Grinch (It’s uncanny, right?), Matt Gaetz accused the Democrats of trying to steal Christmas with their omnibus spending bill. The Republican congressman, who’s still embroiled in an ongoing sex trafficking scandal, blasted the opposing party on the latest episode of his Firebrand web show.

“What I can report to you now is, as the 117th Congress is coming to a close now, the Democrats are doing their very best to steal Christmas by holding us all hostage while they try to pass their 4,000 page omnibus spending bill,” Gaetz ranted. “Bunch of Grinches, I would say. And I wouldn’t touch this bill with a 39 and a half foot pole.”

Of course, it should be noted that the omnibus bill is the result of intense bipartisan negotiations, which Gaetz conveniently didn’t mention. As for what it covers, well, let’s just say it would legitimately cancel Christmas for a whole lot of people if the bill didn’t pass. Via CNN:

The legislation includes $772.5 billion for non-defense discretionary programs and $858 billion in defense funding, according to a bill summary from Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy, chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

The sweeping package includes roughly $45 billion in emergency assistance to Ukraine and NATO allies, boosts in spending for disaster aid, college access, child care, mental health and food assistance, more support for the military and veterans and additional funds for the US Capitol Police, according to Leahy’s summary and one from Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the top Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Unfortunately, passing the bill will stymie Gaetz and some of his colleagues’ dreams of a government shutdown, but maybe he should try being a good boy next year.

(Via PatriotTakes on Twitter)