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Wiz Khalifa Explains Writing ‘See You Again’ For Both Paul Walker And His Own Dying Sister

Iconic rapper Wiz Khalifa was on People’s Party with Talib Kweli last week to talk about his journey in hip-hop. Deep in the episode, Kweli asks Wiz about his mega-smash song “See You Again” with Charlie Puth. The track was meant to commemorate the death of Paul Walker at the end of Furious 7 — so it’s no surprise that it’s a deeply emotional song about loss and love.

Reflecting on that song and the story behind it, Wiz says “A lot of people don’t know I have an older sibling. Well, I had an older sibling. My brother but she was transgender. At the time I was writing ‘See You Again’ is when she got sick. I knew I was pretty much going to be letting go…I think it was able to touch anybody who was going through a loss, or could be dealing with a situation. That is what made it so special to me.”

The discussion around the song also reveals the existence of a version without Wiz’s rap verses that played on some pop stations. Wiz’s response “I’m not trippin’!” is perfect — especially considering how much money he’s sure to have made from the track.

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