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O2 Academy Brixton’s License Is Currently Under Review After The Deathly Crowd Crush At Asake’s Show

The O2 Academy Brixton music venue in the UK is currently facing a potential review of its license. Last week, a crowd crush incident occurred at the venue’s Asake concert that resulted in the deaths of two concertgoers — Gabrielle Hutchinson and Rebecca Ikumelo. A third remains in critical condition after unticketed guests forced their way into the show.

Although it wound up being canceled halfway through, the damage was already done. The Metropolitan Police have since announced that they are investigating O2 Brixton’s policies that enabled “serious crime and disorder.”

“The decision whether or not to suspend or vary the premises licence will be made by a Local Authority Licensing Subcommittee,” a spokesperson told Rolling Stone UK.

“Police were called to the premises in response to reports of serious disorder with a clear threat to public safety,” the license review also read. “During the incident, a crowd forced their way into the venue leading to serious injuries to several individuals, and two individuals have since lost their lives.”

The full review is set to be completed within 21 days, which will also inspect the venue’s capacity and alcohol rules. As for Asake, who was set to play the show, he has offered his support for the families of the victims. “I am overwhelmed with grief and could never have imagined anything like this happening,” he said.