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Phoebe Bridgers Says She Doesn’t Want To Kill Her Dad Anymore On ‘Chicken Shop Date’

Chicken Shop Date is a great series hosted by the ever-charming Amelia Dimoldenberg. Fueled by awkward humor and always only six minutes, the show has had guests like Matty Healy, Finneas, Roslía, and many more. The newest is Phoebe Bridgers, who fits perfectly in Dimoldenberg’s company.

Inevitably, it starts with the Punisher performer discussing the apocalypse. “When do you think the world will end?” Dimoldenberg asks. “I think it’s ending now. And there’s not gonna be fireworks and people falling into the earth’s center. I think it’s gonna be a long and painful death.” They also talked about nightmares, and Bridgers admitted: “Most of my nightmares are like, I get on stage and I forget all my songs, which is so embarrassing, actually, that that’s a deep fear.”

When asked what the worst thing she ever tasted was, Bridgers said it was “cigarette ash and chew-tobacco spit in a water bottle,” which her dad left in the cupholder without her realizing when she went to chug it. Fittingly, the scene then cut to Dimoldenberg deadpanning the question: “Do you still want to kill your dad?” It’s in reference to the line in “Kyoto,” and Dimoldenberg’s awkward straightforwardness is irresistibly laughable. Bridgers pauses to think and chew before answering, “No.”

Watch their full conversation above.