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Twitter Icons Eve 6 And Chrissy Teigen Finally Connected And It Resulted In A Shirtless John Legend Listening ‘Here’s To The Night’ In Bed

One good thing has come out of Elon Musk’s Twitter it seems: a surprise uniting interaction between a ’90s band and a famous supermodel. After Eve 6, frequent social media jokesters known for their song “Inside Out” replied to one of Musk’s many posts, a stranger tried to dunk on the band by calling them a “one hit wonder.”

“Not to split hairs but we are objectively a one hit wonder,” Eve 6 replied. It turns out they would still get the last laugh, not once, but twice.

Chrissy Teigen surprisingly chimed in, revealing that not only was she a fan, but the band isn’t a total one-hit wonder like they think. She’s gotten emotional over one of their other songs that isn’t the “heart in a blender” one.

“Wait. You are ACTUALLY eve 6 as in here’s to the night as in I cried in the mirror to you,” she replied.

“Yes hi chrissy teigen,” the band jokingly added back.

From there, Teigen sent a picture of her husband John Legend lying in bed, as he is convinced clearly to listen to “Here’s To The Night” on Spotify. “oh my god making john listen in bed,” she captioned.

She also replied to a fan, confirming he didn’t know the song, but did enjoy it. “He can’t remember but he says “it’s a well made record” ladies and gentlemen we got one,” Teigen said.

Continue scrolling for some of Eve 6 and Chrissy Teigen’s conversation, as well as some lighthearted fan reactions.