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Snoop Dogg Has Fans Rolling With Laughter Over A Story About The ‘Most Stoned’ He’s Ever Been

Snoop Dogg has shared a lot of intriguing stories about his stoner escapades, from disproving claims he smokes 75-150 joints a day to launching a THC-infused chip brand. However, his recent re-reveal about the “most stoned” he’s ever been just might take the cake… Or the blunt.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Snoop was outsmoked by country legend Willie Nelson — resulting in a truly hilarious story that involves 4/20 and some KFC.

“We was in Amsterdam on 4/20 and he was doing a concert out there,” Snoop shared on the Let’s Go! podcast alongside Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray. “He performed on the 19th and I performed on the 20th. So we went back to his hotel room and we was playing dominoes. Willie had a vape, a joint, I had a blunt and he had a pipe.

“So me and him were playing dominoes one-on-one. He whooping my ass, and I’m just getting higher and higher and higher,” he continued. “And he just keep passing it to me, and I’m like, ‘This old m*thaf*cka’s outsmoking me,’ and I’m trying to stop but I can’t ’cause I don’t wanna show no signs of weakness.”

As the story goes, Snoop’s muchies set in.

“15 minutes into the session, I say, ‘Willie, let’s get something to eat, man,’” Snoop said. “And we go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, right, so we in the back of the van and when they bring the chicken from the drive-thru, they give it to us and me and Willie put our hands in the bucket at the same time. And we grab the same piece of chicken, Tom. And I look at him and say, ‘It’s yours, cuz.’”

Snoop’s story builds on his interviews on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live! from years ago, where he spilled and named Nelson, Cheech and Chong, and Bob Marley as the Mount Rushmore of stoners.