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Baker Mayfield On Winning Nickelodeon Valuable Player: It’s A True Honor

When the NFL schedule makers put the Rams and Broncos in a standalone spot as the late afternoon game on Christmas Day, they did not anticipate it being a matchup of 4-win teams with no playoff implications.

As such, it was the game most casual fans likely tuned out of to do Christmas festivities, but those that wanted a lighter way to watch what became a 51-14 Rams demolition of the Broncos were able to tune in to the Nickelodeon broadcast for some laughs. Along the way they were treated to Patrick Star calling a Russell Wilson interception live, a baby in the stands getting slimed, Santa doing the Griddy in the end zone, and Baker Mayfield completing 24-of-28 passes for 230 yards and two touchdowns in the win.

Afterwards, Mayfield was presented with the vaunted NVP award, becoming the first winning quarterback to earn the honors as previous winners Dak Prescott and Mitchell Trubisky had lost in their NVP winning efforts. Mayfield, who won the Heisman Trophy in college, was asked where the NVP ranked among his list of career accolades and he said “it’s up there…it’s a true honor” which is an incredible quote about a blimp trophy.

I hope the NFL never stops doing Nickelodeon games because watching players speak earnestly about the NVP award and who they’d like to slime is far better than most any postgame interview in any sport. I hope the blimp trophy earns a rightful, prominent placement in the Mayfield house.