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Cher And Kelly Clarkson Recalled Hazy Visits To Willie Nelson’s Famous Tour Bus: ‘When You Walked Out, You Were Definitely Hungry’

As a late Christmas gift, NBC shared some additional clips from earlier this month, when pop icon Cher made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. During her appearance, Cher showed her four-piece Decades Eau de Parfum Collection, with scents representing each decade.

When Cher showed host Kelly Clarkson the perfumes, the two began to share stories of some blazing encounters with country legend Willie Nelson.

“I was shocked the ‘70s didn’t smell like marijuana,” Clarkson told Cher of her “Me” decade-themed scent. “I was like, oh, this one will obviously smell like Willie Nelson’s bus.”

“Oh my God, I’ve been on Willie Nelson’s bus, it smells exactly like marijuana,” Cher responded, laughing.

Clarkson responded with her own story of Willie Nelson’s bus, saying, “I went on Willie Nelson’s bus and I got a contact high.”

“It was a terrible old bus,” Cher added. “But he was great. And just… drugs everywhere.”

Though Clarkson said she only felt a slight high, she remembers having the munchies after her visit to Nelson.

“When you walked out, you were definitely hungry,” Clarkson said.

Check out the clip above.

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