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Pink Floyd’s Song ‘Hey Hey Raise Up’ Raised Half A Million Dollars For Five Ukraine Charities

While elected United States officials remain divided on the war between Ukraine and Russia, the conflict continues to rage. Although reports reveal Ukraine forces are making progress, non-profit organizations are still pleading for monetary support. Legendary rock band Pink Floyd is answering the call. Their song, “Hey Hey Rise Up,” has hit a record charitable milestone.

Despite founding member Roger Waters‘ personal feelings about the tensions, remaining members vocalist and guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason decided to donate the proceeds from the song to humanitarian organizations (Hospitallers, The Kharkiv And Przemyśl Project, Vostok SOS, Kyiv Volunteer, and Livyj Bereh) in the area.

In a statement released to NME, the band shared that the song raised £450,000 (British pounds) from single sales and streaming revenue, while Gilmour and Mason personally donated £50,000, bringing the collective total to £500,000. When converted into US currency, the total comes to just over $600,000.

When asked why they released the song, Gilmour said, “We, like so many, have been feeling the fury and the frustration of this vile act of an independent, peaceful democratic country being invaded and having its people murdered by one of the world’s major powers.”

Initially released in July this year, Gilmour wasn’t sure the track would gain traction, saying, “I hope it will receive wide support and publicity. We want to raise funds for humanitarian charities and raise morale. We want to express our support for Ukraine and, in that way, show that most of the world thinks that it is totally wrong for a superpower to invade the independent democratic country that Ukraine has become.”

Pink Floyd fans showed their support by streaming the song in droves.

To stream “Hey Hey Rise Up,” click here.