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ABC Is Facing Harsh Backlash After Mistakenly Paying Tribute To Late Migos Member Takeoff With A Photo Of Quavo

While recapping the events of the past year last night (December 28), producers of ABC’s The Year: 2022 made a rather embarrassing mistake. When honoring rapper Takeoff during the program’s In Memorium portion, a picture of his Migos bandmate, Quavo, was shown. As one could expect, fans were not thrilled about the mix-up.

“So I’m watching #TheYear on @abc and was caught off guard by the disrespect and ignorance of the programming,” said one Twitter user. “All black people don’t look the same and y’all got this one wrong, the person is the picture is clearly, clearly [Quavo], do better.”

Another Twitter user said the mistake shouldn’t have occurred, given that Quavo had a long, prolific run of notable guest verses a few years ago, and should therefore be easily recognizable.

“This sh*t lame as hell,” they said. “This man Quavo was the face of popular music 3-4 years straight. Ain’t no way y’all confused this man for Takeoff.”

After several fans voiced their chagrin about the mistake, ABC corrected the video and has since issued a statement on social media.

“We apologize for the unfortunate error in a previous version of ‘The Year: 2022,’” said ABC News Studios in a tweet. “It has been corrected.”