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Ted Cruz’s Cancun Trip Came Back To Haunt Him After He Tried To Roast Biden For Taking A Sunny Vacation

During 2021’s historic winter storm in Texas, Ted Cruz was infamously caught fleeing the state for the sunny beaches of Cancun. While his constituents literally froze to death and/or experienced wide-scale power outages in blistering cold temperatures, he jetted off to a beach resort only to return with his tail between his legs when the public backlash became too large to ignore. It was a bad look all around, and Cruz didn’t help the situation by blaming his daughters for the ill-advised trip.

So with that in mind, the last person who should be criticizing President Joe Biden for waiting to take an end of the year family vacation until after a major storm system subsided is Ted Cruz. And, yet, here’s the Texas senator attempting to roast Biden for heading to St. Croix:

Naturally, Twitter immediately pounced on Cruz’s stunning, and yet exceedingly on brand lack of self-awareness. “I no longer question the theory that this fellow gets off on public humiliation,” journalist Helen Kennedy tweeted. “He practically begs for it.”

You can see more reactions below as people made it abundantly clear that they still remember Cruz’s escape to Cancun in the middle of a deadly winter storm. “Cancun Cruz” is a nickname that won’t be going away anytime soon. Or possibly ever.

(Via Ted Cruz on Twitter)