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Cardi B Was As Provocative As Ever In Her Early-Career Promo Photos, Which She Just Re-Shared And Reflected On

Back in 2016, Cardi B’s music journey started with Gangsta B*tch Music, Vol. 1, her debut mixtape. Like any other up-and-coming rapper at the time, Cardi put in the work to push the album, and now, she has taken a moment to reflect on some promotional photos from the era.

She shared three shots yesterday (December 28), which each image representing numbers in a countdown leading up to the project’s release. In one photo, Cardi wears just her underwear as she does laundry. In another, she sits, also scantily clad, on a mailbox. In the final pic, she wears shorts and a bikini top while cooking something on the stove. All the pictures include a graphic indicating how many days remain until the mixtape drops and a phone number to contact to secure a free pre-order of the project.

Sharing the photos, Cardi wrote on Twitter, “My first mixtape promo photos ….I had a dream.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter hater hearkened back to this era by accusing Cardi of not being passionate about music and insisting she “should been an entertainer or remained on Love and Hip hop.” Cardi replied, “I am passionate…I’m actually overly passionate that’s why I don’t drop lackluster music …..and if I drop something that ain’t my best I makes sure the next song or verse is my BESTEST.”

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.