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Logic Shelled Out $100 To Winners Of Impromptu Rock, Paper, Scissors Matchups

In June, Logic spoke with Zane Lowe about the challenges of being a target for internet trolls. “I wanted to step away from the negativity,” he said, in part. “Not like I’m trying to hide from it and this and that, but just like, ‘Dude, I need a break.’” Logic’s online behavior is generally positive, such as his “Like A Playwright” freestyle posted to Instagram this week. Another antidote for internet negativity is spreading holiday cheer IRL, which Logic also did.

On Thursday, December 28, the multiplatinum rapper and best-selling author wandered the streets and offered strangers $100 if they won impromptu rock, paper, scissors matchups. One woman wished Logic a merry Christmas after winning her $100, to which Logic replied, “Happy Kwanzaa!” Another guy couldn’t believe Logic was serious. “Is it for real?” he asked.

Logic responded, “Yeah, yeah. You got it, man. Get out of here. Don’t spend it all on blow. That’s a joke. Could you imagine?”

Hours before that video, Logic also posted an Instagram clip of him bumping into someone named Archie and offering to buy him a Revolvr sweater for Christmas. After that purchase was completed, Logic took him to Lark to shop for crystal candles. Despite Logic’s generosity, Archie still named Future as his favorite rapper. “I love this kid,” Logic said, laughing.

Watch both feel-good videos below.