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Maryland Coach Mike Locksley Wore A Gigantic Hat As He Got A Ton Of Mayo Dumped On Him

One of the most viscerally upsetting scenes in all of college football occurred on Friday afternoon. The Maryland Terrapins beat the NC State Wolfpack, 16-12, in the only bowl game sponsored by a condiment, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. As a result, Maryland coach Mike Locksley participated in a recent tradition that happens to the head coach of the winning team: getting an entire cooler of mayonnaise dumped on him.

The problem is that Locksley appeared to, you know, not wanna get too saturated in that famous emulsion of egg yolks, oil, and other stuff. As a result, Locksley looked elsewhere in the DMV area and took inspiration from Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson, as he put on a gigantic hat while the whole thing happened.

Locksley eventually took the hat off, which led to a tiny bit of mayo that was left in the cooler getting dumped on him.

The tradition began last year, when South Carolina coach Shane Beamer was on the receiving end of this after the Gamecocks beat North Carolina in the game. At the very least, Locksley can take a ton of pride in knowing that his entire football team seemed to believe this was the funniest thing in the entire universe, which, if my boss got a huge cooler cooler of mayo dumped on him, I would probably also think this. Anyway, with the win, the Terrapins finished the season 8-5, which goes down as the best record that Locksley has had during his four-year tenure in College Park.