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SZA Returns With A Vengeance In Her New Teaser For The ‘Kill Bill’ Music Video

After the popularity of SZA’s “Kill Bill,” from her recent sophomore album, SOS, it seems she is returning the favor to fans for the song’s immense success.

Today, she posted the first teaser of the music video. As expected, it pays tribute to the Tarantino movie of the same title. From donning the iconic Uma Thurman jumpsuit (in red instead of yellow) to recreating some of the character’s fight moves, SZA clearly plans to go all out for this one.

“It’s what y’all deserve,” she captioned the trailer.

“Kill Bill” made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 and has been there since. Lyrically, SZA details that she “might kill her ex,” in a chaotic tale of revenge — on par with her Scorpio energy.

About a week ago, she revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the “Kill Bill” music video was happening, but kept it pretty hush hush about the specific details. However, SZA did spill about her love for the original movie that inspired it.

“I love Vivica A. Fox’s character,” she said. I love Lucy Liu’s character. I even love Bill because he’s super complex. I feel like he doesn’t understand why he did what he did. He’s void of emotion, but he loved The Bride so much that he couldn’t stand her to be with anyone else.”

“That was really complex and cool to me,” she added. “It’s a love story. I just watched it again for inspiration for the music video that we’re gonna shoot for ‘Kill Bill.’”

As expected, fans were overjoyed. Continue scrolling for some fun reactions about the upcoming video.